Bentley University

Bentley students visiting exhibit at Boston Museum of Fine Arts with Professor Astourian

Study Abroad Intensive to Paris

Francophone Entrepreneurs (in French)

“Preserving Multilingualism” – Falcon Discovery Seminar

French Cinema

“Multilingualism” – Expository Writing

First-Year Seminar

Spoken Contemporary French

Youth, Media, and Society from WWII to the Present

Conversation Through Cinema

Intermediate French II

Intermediate French I

Elementary French II

Elementary French I

Columbia University

French Film

Introduction to French and Francophone Studies I

Intermediate French Conversation

Rapid Reading and Translation (graduate level)

Intermediate French I

Elementary French II

Elementary French I

Teaching Assistant for Prof. Philip Watts: French Film

Director, Senior Thesis, Columbia University, Department of French. “Les Allemands, l’Allemand et l’allemand dans quelques films de la Nouvelle Vague,” Linda Blanken (2016-2017).

Teaching Awards

Second Prize in Teaching Innovation Competition for work in Advanced French Conversation, Bentley University. Spring 2019.

Jeanne Varney Pleasants Prize for Excellence in Teaching French, Columbia University. 2012.